Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer and Beyond

Hey everyone,
Just letting you guys know that I'll be here all summer and that I'll be doing my best to work with Dr. Cawley to make sure that the garden stays in pretty good shape. I've had a great time with all of you in ENVI 200 and hope to see you in Appalachian Rocks & Waters :)

Hope you killed the exam & have a great summer!


P.S. I'll try to keep pictures upof everything growing!


  1. Hey Stephen, that's awesome that you can work on the garden over the summer. You (and anyone who wants to work on the garden over the summer) need to get into contact with Talisha Beha who will be in charge of the garden over the summer through the community service department with Jesse Griffin.

    I have already heard from that Eric and Kim are going to be helping out over the summer.

    Today me and a few other students work in the first 2 beds and put wood chips in between the rows. We planted a few things but mostly just prepared for Dr.Ramesh's may term class who will be planting as part of their class.

    also- we are still having issues with our water was supposed to be turned on a few weeks ago but the school is dragging their feet. I called to try to have grounds crew turn it on but they were not available.

    Looking forward to hearing about what happens over the summer :)

    I'm really glad that the garden will be taken care of this summer! Wish I could be here to work on it!

  2. Hey guys, Rachel and I just went to the garden to see how things were doing before leaving for the summer. Everything was coming along nicely and we can't wait to see how everything progresses over the summer! See all of you guys next semester!!!

    -Kyle and Rachel

  3. As Carrie said, I'll be around for most of the summer, starting in mid-June. I'll be staying on EC, so I will definitely be in the garden a lot.

    I popped over to the garden last night to check on things and show my mom what we've been doing. She was pretty impressed! We probably should have gone over before the sun set, but luckily I thought to bring along a flashlight and I got a good look at most of the plots. I think everyone's plot had some growth in it - I know in mine the potatoes and beans had come up. Several of the strings dividing the plots have come loose, but I couldn't manage to fix them all in the dark.

    Hope to see some of you around in the summer, and the rest of you in the fall :)

  4. I am excited that the garden is taking off at Roanoke. Congratulations to everyone who have made this possible. I would very much like to swap some seeds at the end of the season. I have a few cultivars from Grayson County, VA that need another place to hide.