Monday, April 18, 2011

Lots of Rain this weekend! And good spring rain that is warm, and should sprout things quickly. (On the other hand, the grass will need to be mowed again soon as well!)

So, while we are waiting for the first of the sprouting, lets have another glance backwards--these photos are of our first food-waste-to-compost project back in..... 2006. We have not done that yet this year--anyone interested? we have about two weeks left in the active semester--if a couple-three people want to help set up a small demonstration plot, please talk with dr cawley!

Anyhow--so in 2006 we did our first food-waste project--notice how small our official student garden was back then--only 6 foot square! Still, that small spot was 3 feet deep when we began, and five of us moved and composted 1700 pounds of food waste from the commons. We interlayered it with shredded paper and cardboard from the (then volunteer Earthbound) recycling efforts--added five pounds of red worms (they actually did most of the work), covered it with a soil/live compost layer, and then tarped it to keep the moisture in.

It worked beautifully. And quickly too.

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  1. gosh lots of seedlings - don't let them get too leggy before you pot them on.

    How is the Okra doing ? I'm very envious - I once managed to get a plant to flower, but didn't get any fruit - they are notoriously difficult to grow in our climate.

    What's happening in the third picture with the stringed areas and the white grid thingy ? Your compost pit looks fab - I bet pumpkins and beans would romp away in it.

    Some of your seed varieties sound very exotic, I shall have to go and google them. I'm hoping that my new 15foot glass greenhouse will be up and running in time for next season, so I can try some more unusual varieties.