Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First harvest!

Hey there, me again... I thought you all would like to see our first harvest! (Well, the first harvest that I'm aware of.)

Yesterday afternoon I pulled some of the radishes (the larger ones, maybe half of what's out there), picked a huge zucchini, and picked a handful of beans! I'm glad I had the foresight to bring a box with me to put it all in!

I had the beans last night with my dinner and have looked up some interesting zucchini recipes to try tonight (and possibly for the rest of the week!). A friend of mine who lives in the area has claimed the radishes, but if any of you want some there are still PLENTY in the garden. (Seriously, please take them!!)

There are also several little cucumbers coming in all sorts of odd shapes. The one I photographed last time is now quite yellow. Not sure what to do with that guy yet, or all of the hot peppers.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer - and to everyone in Roanoke, I hope to see you in the garden ;)

~ Kim

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blooms & bugs

We got lots of rain here in Roanoke on Tuesday, so I stopped by the garden yesterday afternoon to check up on some things and do some weeding while the ground was soft. About 5 minutes after I arrived, Talisha and a friend of hers drove up. [Talisha works with Jesse Griffin in the community service office and agreed to keep track of the garden over the summer. She said she goes every Sunday and Wednesday in June, if any of you want to join her in the future!]

Talisha and her friend (whose name I never did learn) went to work picking potato bugs off of the potato plants and then drowning them in buckets of water. Meanwhile I staked the tomato plants that fill about 3/4 of the first bed, which they helped me finish after taking their revenge on the potato bugs.

Since the start of summer break Talisha (and others) have planted these tomatoes as well as peppers, sweet corn, onions, potatoes, and some other things that I couldn't identify (squashes or cucumbers or zucchini, perhaps?) in the first three beds. All of the produce from these three beds will go to the food bank, and from the looks of it we'll be sending them a sizeable donation!

Lots of onions coming...

Most of the tomato plants have several blossoms!

Potatoes fill more than half of one bed. Here's one of the plants that the potato bugs really got to. Luckily, most were not this badly munched..

After we finished staking the tomatoes, Talisha and her friend left, while I stayed a little longer to get some pictures and check on everyone's individual plots in the fourth bed.

Mike has a huge zucchini plant with a couple of zucchinis coming. Here's the largest one:

Both Ryan and Colin have large patches of radishes that look a bit overgrown. I've no idea what to do with them, but I can dig them up (?) if you guys want me to.

The tomato plant in Matthew's plot is loaded with fruits! The largest (at the top of the following picture) is a little over 2 inches in diameter.

This was in Eric's plot. I think it might be a cucumber? There are lots of other blossoms, too.

One of Claire's bean plants has some pods developing! I didn't see any pods on anyone else's bean plants, but most had some blossoms.

I didn't harvest anything that I saw today, but I certainly can when it's time and if you guys would like me to do so. Just let me know! Also, if anyone can identify some of the things I'm unsure about, that would be greatly appreciated!

~ Kim

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Explosion in June

Howdy heyy!!

So the King and I checked on the garden today. Plots were growing nicely, but the upkeep was a bit slacking (...Stephen... ;) ) Here's some pics to feast your eyes on. Enjoy!

Kyle & Rachel