Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden networking @ POWERSHIFT!!!

I am going to Powershift this weekend!!

Powershift is an awesome conference for youth around the U>S to network, share ideas, become informed and to organize to move our country towards a sustainable future!

Check it out HERE

I will be attending the following workshops:
~ How to Create a School/Community Garden
~Communicating for Change With your Dinning Services

I will also be hearing from key note speakers:

~ Lisa P. Jackson, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator
~Honorable Al Gore
~Van Jones

Ultimately I am very excited and enthusiastic about sharing our progress, success, and problems encountered with those who are just starting, as well as to obtain some awesome advice from those with established programs so I can envision the future goals of our garden and plan for success.

A BIG thanks to the Sociology and Environmental Studies Departments of Roanoke College for supporting my attendance to Powershift :)


  1. Sounds awesome! You'll have to post about your experience!!

  2. Carrie - nice to meet you, albeit briefly! I hope you enjoyed PS11 and brought lots of good ideas and action tools back to RC:)

  3. Hi Leah! nice to meet you as well! It was a great time networking with other enthusiastic, like minded folks :)