Sunday, April 10, 2011

Speaking of the seed bank........

..... the purloined seed order for new requests from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has finally arrived. It was slow--and they still had to substitute some things..... letsee guess an inventory list is in order: Dragon Tongue Bush Bean Royalty Purple Pod Bush Bean Alabama Black Butterbean Christmas Pole Lima Bean Catskill Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage Mammoth Red-Rock Cabbage Premium Late Flat Dutch Cabbage DeBourbonne Cucumber Dragon's Egg Cucumber Sikkum Red Cucumber Arugula Red Orach Chinese Red Meat Radish Japanes Daikon Radish Black Spanish Radish White Icicle Radish Five-Colour Chard Flamingo Pink Chard Oriole Orange Chard Brandywine Tomato Pink Oxheart Tomato Cherokee Purple Tomato Daniel's Tomato For those of you following all of this: We did also win on Ebay our packet of German Fildderkraut Cabbages with the huge, really pointy gnome-like heads (the girl in the picture is not included)-- There are going to be about 25 seeds, and the plants are supposedly HUGE so we will have to carefully find a place for them NOT in our small individual beds......


  1. doc - if we figure out where to put them ill be happy to babysit the cabbage over the summer

  2. you may indeed be the keeper of the giant gnome cabbages :-) i suppose we shouldnt keep all of our cabbages in one basket.... um.... (i never was good with pithy metaphores..... whatever!)

  3. super excited for the cabbages! some of them could go into the the 2nd bed of the garden I don't think garden club will use all of that space.

    Eric- thanks for watching the garden over the summer. I am really disappointed that I won't be able to be on campus...