Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RC Electric's Progress

Tyler Poindexter
Holly Perkins

White Papers:

We are currently updating the dates and expectations for further work on the vehicle and the acquiring of the GM Grant and the Wells Fargo Grant. We will have the new White Papers complete within the next week or two and apply them to the grants and plan on sending out the Grant proposals once they are edited and complete.


GM Grant - We are currently consulting with Development in order to help modify the GM Grant proposal. We will meet with them until we have a solid Grant proposal and move towards sending it out for our $20,000. This particular grant will put us in line to finish much of what is seeking attention (interior, exterior, mechanics, etc).

Wells Fargo - We are currently waiting on contact back form the Branch Manager over at Wells Fargo in compliance with her contact with their National Marketing Department. We have left all of our information and our previous White Pages so that they can get a feel of what all is required in order to make noticeable progress on the conversion. We are continuing to stay in contact with them in order to seek proper approval of the Grant.


We are currently in contact with Jamestown Electro Plating in order to consult with them to acquire our chrome parts, so that we can finish off the exterior trim. Other than the chrome parts the running boards are set to be installed soon.


We are set to install the headliner, front seat, and door panels. The back seat is currently being upholstered and will be waiting installment.


Currently we are consulting with Officer Pruitt in order to install the disk breaks. we are just waiting on a time and place that we can set up an appointment to complete the break installment.


We will be talking with Development in order to set up contact with Alumni Relation. By setting this up we hope to set up a Paypal account to make progress towards Alumni Donations. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Progress on EC Tree Planting Project

The tree planting project is moving along and we seem to be making a good amount of progress. Last Friday our group and Dr.Cawley were able to meet with David Wiseman and Bill Martin, the manager of the grounds crew. We established that our goal for this semester will be to plant 6-10 cedar, 7-10 American Chestnut, and 10 cherry trees.We also decided that we need to create a GIS map of the existing trees, which will be presented to the board of the college in approximately two weeks.

Today, Travis and I went to the City of Salem Engineering Department.They were able to give us data to make our GIS map. We then went to talk to Dr. O'Neill. She teaches the GIS class for the environment program and will be a big help in this step of the project. After looking at the data  we decided that it would be best to mark the trees that are visable from the arial images. We will then do a walk through of EC and make any necessary corrections. We will need to put in a signifigant amount of time to make the map, but I believe we will be able to have it completed in time for the board meeting.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Elizabeth Campus Planting

On Friday four members, Carrie Carson, Clare Lloyd Owen, Travis McDaniels, and Phil Simpson, of the environmental capstone course met with David Wiseman who is heading RCsustain's effort on the Elizabeth Campus tree planting  project. The goal of the project is to establish a nursery of cherry trees as well as a long term landscaping plan.  The long term goal of the school is to establish 60 trees on Elizabeth Campus over 5-7 years. Our class will focus primarily on the cherry tree portion.

During the meeting we reviewed the initial map indicating the initial ideas. Moving forward we will be meeting with Bill Martin, head of grounds crew and collaborating with Dr. O'Neill to figure out the best method to map the trees using GPS.

Roanoke College and Transition Staunton

The Envi400 class is looking to reestablish contact with the Transition Staunton organization from last semester and begin talking about trip dates to Staunton as well as what we will focus our efforts on during our time there.

In addition we are working on retrieving the photographs from the INQ300 trip. Once obtained try will be moved to the Dropbox

RC Electric

RC Electric
Tyler Poindexter
Holly Perkins

GM Grant- Met with Grant Proffessional Ed Hamilton in regards to help revise the new 2013 GM grant. Further Meetings will conclude a new draft to be re-submitted.

Wells Fargo- Met over at local Wells Fargo to set up meeting to apply for a possible Community Grant to support the car. Left contact and White-paper for Branch Manager to review and consult with the National Marketing Branch.

Interior is underway with the front seat upholstered and ready to be installed along the headliner. We will be setting up a time with Joe Connor to go down and work on the interior. We are still waiting on the chrome to be returned and the running boards to be installed.