Monday, November 7, 2011

"Seeding the Future" at Dickinson College

"Creating active and engaged citizens"

The farm at Dickinson College
Energy meter raising awareness of campus energy use
Hoop house

Kim and I snacking on some farm fresh carrots:)

Meal representing local agriculture!
Great way to build community

Above are some of the pictures from the conference on "cultivating the college farm" (and garden) and how to integrate a campus garden project into a liberal arts education. These pictures stood out to me because of the paradigm that they represent- that individuals should be active members of their community-aware of local issues and becoming part of the solutions. And what better way to teach this to students then through a campus garden program?

Below is the outline for the presentation that is going to be given at a RCsustain meeting in the near future. Please realize that it only a draft, we are still reflecting upon and debating how to best impliment the information from the conference at Roanoke College.

Presentation of on RC Garden Project

Based on Ideas Presented in “Seeding the Future Conference” Dickinson College

Carrie Carson and Kimberly Johnson

Ø Benefits of having a garden at a liberal arts college

o Experiential learning

o Community building

o Development of critical thinking skills

o Community service opportunities

o Raises awareness/creates teaching opportunities on global issues

- Hunger

- Food security

- Environmental impact of agriculture

- Sustainability

- Economics of food

Builds ACTIVE and ENGAGED citizens!

Forming the garden organization

o 3 bodies:

- Student committee

- Hired manager (non-student)

- Faculty representative(s)

o 3 bodies work in system of checks and balances outlined under a constitution

Ø Funding

o Start-up fund

- College support

- Donors

- Grants

- Fundraising

o Work towards self-sustaining program

-Student/faculty/Staff CSA shares

Ø Tools of a functioning garden

o Garden sign

o Seeds

o Greenhouse

o Tool shed

o Water source

o Raised beds with siding

o Composting

- Food waste

- Creation of a campus composting program (long term)

o Hoop houses

o Mower

o Smaller tools

- Shovels

- Rakes

- Hose

- Wheelbarrow

Check out Dickinson College's blog post on the conference!

Please leave your feedback on our thought process...what do you want a campus garden at Roanoke College to look like?