Saturday, April 9, 2011


The blog is finally up and running! All of the pictures look amazing, I am so happy to see PROGRESS on this project, as the garden began in August as a dry patch of dirt and was hand dug by very dedicated RC students. It is my pleasure to be hired as the RC Garden manager through the department of community service this semester!

Currently the garden is a community service project, as half of all the produce grown in the garden will be donated to the Salem Food Pantry at the end of the year to provide them with much needed fresh, healthy produce. This is the mission of the up and coming garden club, soon to be official with the approval of a new constitution. The garden also serves the Environmental science program on campus, as the Environmental science 200 class is putting in a lot of much needed work on the garden and tending to their student plots.

I was very happy to obtain funding from the sustainability group at Roanoke- RCsustain for a solar powered electric fence! The fence will ensure a sustainable way of protecting our garden from the deer that wander across Elizabeth Campus. Thanks again to RCsustain!

Lastly, I would like to share some pictures from the beginning of the creation of the garden :)

The crew putting compost on the beds

Kassi and I playing in the dirt

Alex planting:)

Jill :)

Bean plants!

~Carrie Carson
RC Garden Manager :)


  1. Our garden's going to be LEGIT!! :)

  2. It's neat to see pictures of the garden from before the fence. The fence is such a great addition! I can't wait to see what other cool things we can add to the space