Saturday, June 4, 2011

Explosion in June

Howdy heyy!!

So the King and I checked on the garden today. Plots were growing nicely, but the upkeep was a bit slacking (...Stephen... ;) ) Here's some pics to feast your eyes on. Enjoy!

Kyle & Rachel


  1. Looks like your potato plants could use a little lime or stove ashes to keep the potato bugs at bay. Its not as strong as say a pesticide such as 7-dust but it helps while keeping the food organic. Of course I am probably telling you something you already know.

  2. Nice!! i have taken some pics too =)
    How do you post here?

  3. Are you an author/manager for the blog? Somehow I am, so I just created a new post....if email Cawley maybe?

  4. Okii thanks =) we just watered them today

  5. I'm glad to see people have been stopping by! I just got back to Roanoke today and I checked on the garden briefly to see how it was. I was surprised to see so much growth! There seem to be quite a few weeds that need tackling, but all of the plots are looking pretty productive!

    I noticed there were still a lot of potato bugs. My mom (who was with me and is a seasoned gardener) said that they shouldn't diminish our potato crop, but they're certainly not something we should welcome.

    Perhaps we can get a group of us together and work in the garden for a few hours this weekend? Weeding and watering and everything else would take a lot less time with a group.

  6. I'd love to come help some time! Text me a day or days that would work in your schedule!