Monday, February 4, 2013

Transition Town of Staunton Proposal

Print:    By Rob Hopkin. From The Transition Handbook
For the past week both Sam Schultz and Clare Lloyd Owen have been working on a proposal for the Transition Town of Staunton. The proposal entitled the “Proposal for lasagna bed composting of raised beds at Transition Town of Staunton Community Garden, Augusta County, Virginia" proposes the installation of lasagna bedding at the town garden. Lasagna bedding is a new type of gardening that utilizes layering both food and paper waste to enrich the soil with the addition of earth worms. This Transition Town hopes to become more sustainable with the production of food back to the local level it once was. This proposal will be brought down to the town of Staunton tomorrow to be proposed to the town by Dr. Cawley.

The following are the main steps of the transition movement:

Step 1: Set Up a Steer Group and Design its Demise from the Onset
Step 2: Awareness Raising
Step 3: Lay the Foundation
Step 4: Host an official “unleashing” event
Step 5: Form working groups around specific themes
Step 6: Facilitate community involvement
Step 7: Develop Visible Practical Manifestations of the Project
Step 8: Facilitate the Great Reskilling
Step 9: Build a Bridge to Local Government
Step 10: Honor the elders
Step 11: Let it go where it wants to go…
Step 12: Create an Energy Descent Plan

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