Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RC Electric Update

 On Monday the 25th of February, A few of us including Joe Conner visited Oliver's Garage with intention to clean out the garage and install the headliner. Joe Conner will be aiding us in the installation of the headliner. He will teach us how to install and we all will gain a valuable skill. But when, we arrived those tasks were not able to be completed due to weather conditions and technical issues with design. Our visit wasn't a complete failure because we made dimensions for the Front and Rear Doors in order to make a template for our door panels. This will aid us in showing how the door panels will be installed but also make it able to put in the canals for the windows and help with the headliner installation. We are planning for another group to go up and clean out the garage and put in the headliner after spring break when weather won't be a factor and we have the right equipment.

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