Wednesday, February 20, 2013

EC Tree Planting Updates

Our GIS map proposal was presented by Bill Martin to the board and was well received all around! We have also completed a poster on our project that gives background information on each of the trees we plan to plant this semester (cherry, cedar, and American chestnut) as well as the Southern Lutheran Orphanage, which used to be located on EC. We hope to present the poster during the colleges week of experiential learning.

In other news, Elizabeth Medical Parl LLC, has offered to be a sponsor for our project. They would like to purchase the cherry trees, given that the school will match their donation. They also suggested that we purchase two copper beech trees to plant in front of Elizabeth Hall. We have contacted Bill Martin regarding a budget for the project, and are waiting patiently to hear back. We have also reached out to Earthbound, asking if they would be interested in sponsoring an event centered around the planting of our trees during earth week. We hope that the event will be an opportunity to gather our campus community as well as alumni from the orphanage, who we will be inviting.

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