Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RC Electric Meets Electro Automotive

Hey guys just updating the blog from California! I'm here visiting Electro Automotive to see how the conversions are set up and performed.  Yesterday I met Shari Prange and Mike Brown, and got to see the car in which we will be working on, pictured below...

 After meeting them at Bryant's Auto Electric, I followed them back to their shop at their home in Felton, CA to see how it was set up and what they were working on.  

Mike was working on a blue EV that had been purchased by a friend from someone who did the conversion on their own... And it was not making the grade to say the least... So I got to help Mike design and manufacture a new mount for the liquid cooled controller (seen below).

Today, I get to help them disassemble the car for the workshop that they will be performing next week.  So please stay posted for more updates and pictures from my trip! Also, I have some other big news for RC Electric that I will be posting about later today!