Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Day with Electro Automotive

So today was my last day with Mike and Shari disassembling the VW 'VoltsRabbit'.  We removed the lead acid battery storage cases, all the extra wiring for the motor and controller, both wheels and front axels because they mount to the transmission, the wiring snake that runs to the rear batteries and charger, the DC electric motor and transmission.  So the car full of batteries that I posted a picture of the other day now looks like this...

After removing the motor and transmission, we proceeded to take the Rabbits transmission apart. We did this because one problem that we have is generating the adapter plate made to mount the electric motor to our transmission since our bell housing is enclosed.  By doing this, Mike was able to show me how to make the appropriate measurement in order to have the adapter plate produced and I will be sending him that information as soon as I get home.  Immediately afterwards I will be sending them the transmission.  He will then be able to make an adapter plate (all the components in the picture) that will look something like this...

While I was here I learned many things about the conversion, and what steps need to be taken to have this be successful.  My list for how the future students need to do this is:

1. READ the CONVERT IT manual... believe me I'm going to need to as well

2. PLAN where all the components will go... space may be an issue in our car if we use lead acid batteries

3. PRECISION and PATIENCE are going to be key... there's so much going on that we will have to make sure to get everything right or else we could have big problems

4. CONTACT Shari and Mike... they're here to help us be successful and make the '39 turn heads (or contact me, but I promise you they will be of more help with the components and conversion)

5. PROMOTE the project... we want Mike and Shari to come perform a workshop for RC in the valley so do your part... also as most of you know we need more support and sponsors so don't be afraid to email someone about helping out, who knows where it may take you... (I'm in California if you haven't noticed yet, and I've been in contact with some important people and companies like Phil Conserva, Trexa, and a couple others...)

6. READ the manual again... it'll help out a maybe a little bit... oh and there are some DVD's too, but read the book 

On another note for the Silver Streak the breaking news I had yesterday is actually quite interesting... This is because the lithium batteries work well with AC motors and kits, and we had originally planned to use the DC Medium kit, but Shari informed me today that there is a new AC controller and motor kit that they are about to begin selling as a conversion and it's not too much more than the kit we were planning on buying... The AC kit will give us easier use with the Trexa battery pack, and may have a little bit more range and higher top end speed and be able to handle a heavier weight bearing load.. But that is something the new group along with Doc needs to chat about and figure out..(personally I think the AC kit may be a better buy and is more of what the college is looking for especially with the battery pack)... But that's all a little food for thought

Finally I want to personally thank Mike and Shari for having me out here in California! I've had a great time, eaten some good food, and gotten to know two very dedicated, hardworking, and intelligent people! I don't think I can thank them enough for the opportunity to visit.  Everyone involved with RC Electric and Roanoke College owes them a thank you and you can email them at:  If anyone has any questions about my trip or want pictures you can get in touch with me on facebook or email me at  

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