Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 2 with Electro Automotive

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well! As for me today, I helped Mike break down their Volkswagen Rabbit model car.  

We started by removing all sixteen batteries, each weighing in around 76 pounds.  

Next we removed several components of the conversion, such as: power braking system, battery inter-cooling fan, the battery charging controller, the controller, the pot box, the DC/DC converter, all the battery interconnects, and other various wires. 

When we were done, this is what was left in the front of the car... So there is a little bit more left to finish up tomorrow..

But now for the news... As most of you know, Phil Conserva (the producer of CSI) was our commencement speaker, and he is big into electric cars.. He is affiliated with Trexa, which makes driving platforms for smaller vehicles (google them and watch the video, it's worth it) and he was able to get me in contact with their CEO.. and they saw some pictures of our project online and they are willing to help us by getting us a battery pack at cost, which is great, but also leaves some more questions to be answered with how will the system work with the medium kit from Electro Automotive.. So I'm working on that while I'm here too! I'd love to go see their shop, but I don't think I'll have time to visit it unfortunately... 

Stayed tuned for more updates and pictures of the disassembled Rabbit!


  1. You are just the best, and it seems as if you are learning a lot. Looking good.

  2. Buyers beware of doing business with Electro Automotive. Check their BBB rating and multitude of unresolved complaints filed by customers who've been ripped off.