Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Orchard Expansion 3/12/2012

Action shot of Charles Leonard "taking a junk tree to task" with the help of his trusty chainsaw.  Of course, very precise ecological geophysics protocols were observed in the completion of the aformentioned procedure. 

Daniel Waters pensively contemplating the meaning of human existance as he gazes off into the horizon immediately after grafting a new apple variety against a backdrop of old sub-Appalachian meadows.

Hey, look, another nice graft.

On March 12, 2012; the Roanoke College Environmental Studies program students prepared the orchard area at Alta Mons for orchard expansion.  This was essentially a three-part process of removing mature "scab" trees from the site, planting an additional 34 apple whips at regular intervals in a rectangular ground-plan, and cleft grafting of the apple trees with international/domestic heritage varieties.  The last of these three steps was finished on March 17, with additional assistance from  Roanoke College Earthbound volunteers.

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