Monday, March 19, 2012

Alta Mons Initiative: Apple Orchard Progress (3/17/2012)

On the morning and early afternoon of St. Patrick's day, the following modifications have been completed in/around the Roanoke College Environmental Studies Program's Heritage Orchard:
  • Removal of [mature] scrap trees which were shading out new growth apples and/or cluttering the orchard space, which is currently composed of four rows extending from behind the Pearman Retreat House towards the horse pasture.
  • Planting of apple trees to bring the total number to forty eight trees.
  • Grafting of approximately thirty varieties of apples on the extant trees.
  • Removal of ailanthus altissima colony on the site, which was previously spreading new growth uphill towards the orchard.
  • Flagging of future elm tree placements along the interior side of the fence-line (opposite the road, extending from the Pearman House to the Purgatory Creek crossing).
We would like to thank the staff/volunteers at Camp Alta Mons for assistance in ailanthus removal and providing an excellent lunch for the Environmental Science 400 and Earthbound students. 

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