Monday, March 19, 2012

Electric Car

RC Electric is a Student Organization that was started as a Student Group Project of the Environmental Studies Program. The previous graduating environmental capstone course and previous RC electric members have brainstormed ways to introduce a classic electric car to the Roanoke College community in a manner that would place Roanoke College ahead of the pack. We are currently working of the restoration of a 1939 Pontiac 4 door Silver Streak; the plan is to convert it into an electrical powered vehicle. We hope that the car will exmplify the College's motto, "Classic for Tomorrow." The Pontiac was purchased from Oliver's Garage in Mt. Tabor, Va. The students, under the supervision of a professional mechanic, Jackie McCann, are doing the majority of the work which includes everything from the sanding of the body to the electric conversion. In accordance with Roanoke College, it has been agreed to have this project complete by 2014.


  1. The most obvious benefit to electric cars is their green credentials. With oil reserves rapidly dwindling, and the pressure on all of us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, electric vehicles provide an emission-free alternative to traditional petrol-fuelled vehicles. If an electric vehicle is charged at an electricity point that runs from renewable energy, the reduction in carbon intensity is significant when compared to a standard car.