Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First harvest!

Hey there, me again... I thought you all would like to see our first harvest! (Well, the first harvest that I'm aware of.)

Yesterday afternoon I pulled some of the radishes (the larger ones, maybe half of what's out there), picked a huge zucchini, and picked a handful of beans! I'm glad I had the foresight to bring a box with me to put it all in!

I had the beans last night with my dinner and have looked up some interesting zucchini recipes to try tonight (and possibly for the rest of the week!). A friend of mine who lives in the area has claimed the radishes, but if any of you want some there are still PLENTY in the garden. (Seriously, please take them!!)

There are also several little cucumbers coming in all sorts of odd shapes. The one I photographed last time is now quite yellow. Not sure what to do with that guy yet, or all of the hot peppers.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer - and to everyone in Roanoke, I hope to see you in the garden ;)

~ Kim

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