Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transition Training 2014

January 17th - January 19th

After arriving back to school from a long winter break an extremely diverse group of 18 individuals committed to immersing ourselves into the Transition Network. A great mix of current RC students, RC Alumni, local transitioners, and of course,  our professor! 

Environmental Transition Inc. (a consulting firm consisting of a few awesome Roanoke College Alumni) coordinated with Transition US to host a 'LAUNCH! Training for Transition' course on the RC campus. The course was an intensive weekend event, we logged over 15 hours in 3 days. I speak on behalf of the whole group, when I say that that this weekend was stimulating and a success. Although we were exhausted by the end of the weekend together and the session was over, we couldn't wait to carry on conversations with the people in that room and start spreading our ideas to those outside. 

Transition focuses on creatively working as a community to bring your locality from oil dependence to local reliance.

The two certified Transition Trainers engaged us in the curriculum of Transition and shared a variety of their own personal experiences working with Transition initiatives from around the globe. 

The Seven Guiding Principles of Transition:

1. Positive Visioning
2. Help People Access Good Information and Trust Them to Make Good Decisions
3. Inclusion and Openness
4. Enable Sharing and Networking 
5. Build Resilience
6. inner and Outer Transition
7. Subsidiarity: Self-organization and decision making at the appropriate level  

 To read more about the Transition Network visit http://transitionus.org .  

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