Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Staunton Update

The dates for our trip to help in the community garden in Staunton is still set for April 6th from 11am- 1pm (approx.)
In addition we would like to have some class representation at the planting of the Elizabethan apple trees a few days later, on the 9th of April.

We have recently gotten in contact with CAB, after receiving a positive response back from Sunspots Studios, and the idea for a student trip to the glass blowing shop was well received. The CAB representative we contacted was very receptive to the idea and said that they would bring it up in the next CAB meeting. We will be emailing Sunspots Studios to inform them of the welcome reception our idea has had thus far, and that we will contact them again with the name of the CAB member with whom they will continue to orchestrate the trip and the pricing. We will continue to be as involved as we can during the planning process of this trip.

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