Monday, January 28, 2013

Progress on EC Tree Planting Project

The tree planting project is moving along and we seem to be making a good amount of progress. Last Friday our group and Dr.Cawley were able to meet with David Wiseman and Bill Martin, the manager of the grounds crew. We established that our goal for this semester will be to plant 6-10 cedar, 7-10 American Chestnut, and 10 cherry trees.We also decided that we need to create a GIS map of the existing trees, which will be presented to the board of the college in approximately two weeks.

Today, Travis and I went to the City of Salem Engineering Department.They were able to give us data to make our GIS map. We then went to talk to Dr. O'Neill. She teaches the GIS class for the environment program and will be a big help in this step of the project. After looking at the data  we decided that it would be best to mark the trees that are visable from the arial images. We will then do a walk through of EC and make any necessary corrections. We will need to put in a signifigant amount of time to make the map, but I believe we will be able to have it completed in time for the board meeting.

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