Friday, February 19, 2010

First Post

Welcome to the Roanoke College Environmental Studies Program garden blog. Here you can track the progress of our garden and seed banking initiatives. We are planting heirloom and heritage vegetables in a sustainable way. Feel free to offer up some gardening wisdom or send some non-GMO seeds our way!


  1. Great! I am glad to get some progress during this planting season. This morning I poked into Envi rm and saw Keith's beans climbing well. Maybe the group can get planting in those side bins?

    Alright, in order I believe in ENVI 200 we have completed seed banking, then the Boars Head Feast! Several planting operations have simultaneously been taking place. The Hot Pepper Group has been baking hot peppers in small cups with a heat box. Beans are also being grown with quite the operation-by Keith M. as mentioned prior. Our group is progressing and we have some small info/picture catch up to do!

  2. So, it is early february 2011. Everything is poised and ready for the first real season of the RC Garden. It was warm and sunny today, and so i spent part of my afternoon visiting the garden site at Elizabeth campus--our own allotment. Certainly as good as Michelle Duck's (dont tell her I said that!) The garden site is beautiful--Hopefully we will have a first run of photos this week (hint, hint). Up-front and immediately, it is important for me to extend great lauds to CARRIE CARSON and CASSIE LYNN and the rest of last seasons garden group. It wont mean much just now, until you actually see the pictures of the spot--but GET THIS: they actually dug up all of this from sod all by HAND! That was an ungodly amount of work. The soil is beautiful--a light sandy loam. It is about 150 times better looking than either the poor soil at my house (within walking distance, but different geology)--or even the red metamorphic soil at Monticello, a couple-three hours away. This year's hot pepper group..... ah--but that would be telling tales out of school, wouldnt it? I think I will let them tell their own story for themselves.......